Old Gaia


Old Gaia consists of the entire old continent including the inner sea islands. They have the largest usable land mass and the most depleted natural resources and the largest army and population to make use of it and defend it.

They are still ruled with a Monarchy with the current Emperor Nathaniel Giovanni the 3rd. The Giovanni family has been the royal family since before the great disasters that changed the world and started the new calendar.

Giovanni have started 3 wars against New Gaia in the attempts to take control of their resources. Each war has ended with great loses on each side with Giovanni gaining little ground only to lose it shortly after. Though they have never launched an attack on the Easter Alliance due to old pacts and due to the New Gaia being more rich in resources and land.

Though its extremely rare and has only started to surface again in the last 200 years. Old Gaia does have very few people with mystical arts at their disposal in their military. When a child is found to have these special powers they are taken from their families and trained in special units. On average about 1% of children born are born with these rare special powers, but most either aren’t strong enough to use them properly, or die at a young age. Unfortunately the study of mystical arts was lost during the great disasters that wiped the supernatural out. So the use of magic is somewhat limited to a few paths that are kept strictly confidential. (Destruction,Light,Fire,Earth).

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Old Gaia

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