New Gaia


New Gaia has probably the youngest established government, as it took almost 1000 years on the new calendar to finally unite them. Though Old Gaia has the largest population it is actually speculated that New Gaia has the larger population since they haven’t really established a good census since their establishment. They also have the largest amount of untapped natural resources and 2nd largest usable land that Old Gaia covets.

They are ruled by a Democracy of elected officials from each principality. Ever 4 years a new election is held, sometimes sooner if an official dies during the 4 years. The Senate for which they are called united all the principalities armies and managed to build a massive defensive wall that surrounds the entire continent. And it was this very wall that has managed to stop the Old Continent from gaining much ground as they have trouble getting past the defensive wall. It was a genius and costly plan but paid off and the Senator Bastion Greks has been known as a national Hero since it was he who proposed the idea, sadly he did not live long enough to see its completion or the fact it stopped 3 invasions.

Along with this wall they have also improved their Navy more so than the other countries. Which has also greatly contributed to their defense. They have also began discovering a small percentage of people are born with the ability to use mystical arts. But like Old Gaia they lost the mass majority of the knowledge, but what they do have left is a bit of ancient druidic texts of Shamanism with (Creation,Essence,Water,Earth). It is believed it was the use of these Shamans they were able to build the wall.

Tech 3 (5 for Navy)

New Gaia

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