Eastern Alliance


The Eastern Alliance consists of Shivat, Lannet, Kashmir, Baho. Although small compared to the other countries they have proven to be very resourceful but leaping to new technological heights which not only strengthened their Military but Economy as they have discovered new resources and ways to make use of them.

They are also ruled by a Monarchy, but the actual identity of the Emperor or Empress is a national secret that only a few Nobility and Senate know, as all communication with them is done in the Forbidden Palace which has never been open to the public. It is believed though the current ruler is actually only a 13 year old child based on leaked photography that was quickly destroyed.

One of the greatest technological advances they have over the other countries is the fact they managed to launch surveillance and communications devices into orbit. Also they have the fastest transportation trains which have tunnels beneath the ground and rumored to also cross the sea connecting Baho and Kashmir to Shivat and Lannet.

Like Old Gaia, the Eastern alliance also has special units of those with special powers, though the numbers are less as they have a smaller population pool of people born with them. Though they learn using the more traditional method of their ancestors, Onmyodo Ofuda casting. The paths they have access to are, (Water,Air,Dark,Illusion).

Tech 5 (6 Satellites)

Eastern Alliance

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