Character Creation


Roll 8d10 reroll 1-3, change lowest to 9.

Ki Techniques, Magic, Psychic and Summoning Advantages/Disadvantages are not available to all.

New Secondary Skills
Drive/Pilot – Dex
Computers – Int

Start the game knowing how to use 2 different weapons (Or a 2nd reduced cost Martial Arts.)

Additional Weapons:
These are just base stats

Pistols: 20 Speed, Req Str 5/7, Thrust, Projectile/Munition(15), Duel Wieldable, No Penalty to Hide or Stealth, Attachments Available

Submachineguns: 15 Speed, Req Str 6/8, Thrust, Projectile/Munition(32), Automatic Fire, Half Penalty to Hide or Stealth, Duel Wieldable, Attachments Available

Assault Rifles: 5 Speed, Req Str 6, Thrust, Projectile/Munition(30), Special Str 11, AT 2, Automatic, Burst, Attachments Available.

Sniper Rifles: -10 Speed, Req Str 7, Thrust, Projectile/Munition(10), Str 13, AT 2, Triple Aim Bonus with Scope and Sniper Advantage, Attachments Available.

Shotguns: 0 Speed, Req Str 7, Thrust, Projectile/Munition(7), Str 11/13(Slug), AT 1, -30 Area Attack Penalty (3 Adjacent Targets), Attachments Available

Machine Guns: -40 Speed, Req Str 8, Thrust, Projectile/Munition(50), Str 11, AT 2, Automatic Only, Attachments Available.

Grenade Launcher: -20 Speed, Req Str 6, Thrust, Explosive/Munition(1), 15Ft Area Attack.

Ammunition: (3 Clips, Explosive Counts as 2)
Basic: 60 Damage, AT 1
Armor Piercing: 50 Damage, AT 3
Hollow Point: 80 Damage -10 Attack
Explosive*: 100 Damage (Cannot be fired with Auto or Burst) -20 Attack

Attachments: (Choose 2, Grenade Launcher Counts as 2)
Flashlight (All) Reduce Vision Penalty, -10 Speed

Scope (Assault Rifle, Rifle) Double Aim Bonus, -30 Speed

Handle Grip (Sub, Assault, Shotgun, Machine Guns) +10 Attack -10 Speed

Grenade Launcher* (Assault, Shotgun, Machine Guns)

Drum (Pistol, Sub, Assault, Shot Guns, Machine Guns) Doubles Magazine Capacity, can be taken multiple times. Up to a maximum of Quadruple Magazine Capacity. 1-2 Drum increases Str Req by 1, 3 Drum increases Str Req by 2.

Silencer (Pistol) Bonus to hide and stealth when firing. Bonus TBD

Additional Gear: (You start with all accept those with asterisks)
Night Vision Goggles*
Body Armor AT 5
Helmet AT 5
Walkie Talkie
First Aid Kit
2 Grenades
Camouflage Kit*

Additional Advantages:
2 Special Forces: Start with Night Vision Goggles and Camouflage Kit, Also start with an Additional Weapon prof: (Combat Knife(Dagger)), Class Bonus +5 Stealth, Hide, Sleight of Hand each Lv

2 Explosives Expert: Start with Grenade Launcher(5) and Explosive Rounds(100), Also start with an Additional Weapon prof: Grenade Launcher, +20 Class Bonus Trap Lore(Explosives) each Lv. Reduce Attack and Speed penalties by 10 for Explosive Rounds and Grenade Launcher.

2 Sniper: Start with a Scope and Camouflage Kit, get triple aim bonus while using a scope with a Sniper Rifle. +20 Class Bonus Notice Each Lv.

2 Machine Gunner: Start with a Drum, Half Area Attack Penalty when using Firearms with Automatic, if combined with Area attack module no penalties. +5 Class Bonus to Vigor Skills Each Lv.

2 Rapid Reloader: All firearms reload of 1, Switching clips has no penalty. +10 Sleight of Hand Each Lv.

2/3 Gunslinger: Start with a 2nd Pistol or Sub, +5 Initiative per Lv. (3 point cost also give Ambidextrous and increases the Initiative bonus to +10)

2 Access to the Supernatural: Gives access to the Gift, Psychic, Ki Techniques, Summoning advantages required to use them. Each country is limited in magic so read the countries description to see what the limitation is. All countries can use Natural Magic.

Character Creation

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