Anima : Pandora

The Premise

Humanity has separated into 3 countries. Sacred Holy Empire being the largest of the 3 holds the largest population and military forces. 2nd to them would be Democratic of Gaia which though is smaller has managed to come out victorious in the defense of its lands against Old Gaia. The 3rd is the Eastern Alliance which has managed to keep itself out of the many wars between New an Old Gaia; with its superior technologies they have keep their small continent safe and prosperous.

But everything changed in the year 2000. Almost like it had been planted there to be found on the exact date, an archaeologist discovered a strange signal coming from one of the deepest parts of the inner sea. Investing alot of time an money he put together a team and they ventured to the depths of the sea. What they found was probably the most astonishing discovery of all time. A temple of a sort that was perfectly sustained away from the elements. It was unknown how but a bubble of air had formed in the ocean floor that created an air pocket for the temple protecting it from the waters.

The temple had nothing in it except a black box atop a pedestal. Inside were 30 Black Coins made of an unknown material. But the moment they made the attempt to remove the Black Box the temple began to collapse and with it the air pocket. The temple was engulfed by the ocean and few of the team managed to return to their craft with the Black Box, which they returned to the surface to study. Upon closer examination his team discovered that the 30 Coins were some sort of ancient data storing devices, but that was the last they could figure out about them. The Archaeologist and his entire team of researchers were never seen or heard from again. It was as if they simply vanished or were erased from the world and all that was left behind were their notes and the Black Box containing the Black Coins. Now these Black Coins are being transported to a secret facility to be studied by some of the greatest minds of Old Gaia under strict containment protocols.

But both New Gaia and the Eastern Alliance have gotten word of these mysterious objects, and both believe them to be some sort of weapons that Old Gaia plans to use against them, so both have formed a temporary alliance and have mounted insurgent forces to steal them before Old Gaia can unlock the truth behind them. Both countries agreed to splitting the coins among themselves but in truth both have informed their insurgents to kill the others and take them all.


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